About Slaylikerayboutique™

about slaylikerayboutique™

SlayLikeRay Boutique, is a beacon of sustainable style, offering a curated collection of quality beauty and fashion products at accessible prices.

We are black and queer owned, based in the Ontario, Canada; and ship all over North America.

Our mission at slaylikerayboutique™ is to redefine glamour through a lens of sustainability, presenting our clients a fusion of chic elegance, durability and quality. From cruelty-free beauty essentials to ethically sourced fashion accessories, we invite you to adorn yourself in sustainable luxury with our timeless pieces.

Explore our sun-kissed selection of sunglasses, jewellery, lashes and more. SlayLikeRay Boutique – where sustainability meets sophistication.

our story.

In the heart of Rayray’s passion for fashion, slaylikerayboutique™ was born.
It all began with an undeniable love for style, where friends, acquaintances, fellow students  and strangers alike constantly inquired about the origins of Ray’s curated looks and style. Fueled by this demand, the seed for my boutique sprouted, bringing forth a haven for those seeking my signature blend of chic, edgy and sustainable fashion.

The journey took a more serious turn during my time in Halifax, where necessity met creativity. Crafting custom chokers and designing lashes became more than just a personal expression; it became a lifeline for financial independence. The bustling streets of Halifax and hallways of my university served as my runway, and the boutique… a manifestation of my dedication to creating beauty that resonates with both the wearer and the occasion.

SlayLikeRay Boutique isn't just a collection of products; it's a narrative woven with threads of passion, resilience, and the pursuit of sustainable elegance which is why most of our items are quite durable.
As you explore our offerings at slaylikeray.com, envision the story behind each piece, born from a genuine love for fashion and the desire to share that spark with the world. Join us on this journey, where style meets sustainability, and together, we redefine what it means.

hope to see you shop the slay soon!