About Slaylikerayboutique™

WHO IS RAY [@rayray_kad]?


I remember being described as “an entrepreneurial powerhouse” and now looking back, I couldn’t agree more. I also want everyone to SLAY.

If you wish to slaylikeRay or SLAY in general, I urge you to take your look on an adventure as you will definitely love the items we have to offer.

My goal is to allow people of all ages, gender & race to be able to feel and look amazing without spending alot of coin! [as I always say “I’m a save your coin kinda b*tch]. On a real though I aim to help people to look and feel empowered by how good they look! I've always wanted to own my business, and do my own thing. It’s definitely not an easy road, but its a fun adventure and I’m excited to be delving into one of the many things I’ve always wanted to do.

Thank you for visiting and for your business.